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You’ll learn about their usefulness and how they’re made in this article!


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The purpose of the flanges is to provide a seal that prevents leaks. This seal can be maintenance-free and designed to prevent damage to the pipe or cause of leakage.

Different Types of Flanges

Flanges come in many shapes and sizes. Here are the different types of flanges:

Aircraft and Engine Flanges

The majority of flanges are used in aircraft and aviation related projects. They can be seen in a variety of different shapes and sizes, with the most common being rectangular or round. The most important thing to consider when purchasing flanges is how much surface area they have.

Crane and Hoist Flanges

Crane and hoist flanges are specifically made to be able to handle the weight that they have to carry. This means that you will need a crane or hoist in order for you to use these kinds of flanges.


This blog article gives a detailed explanation of the different types of flanges. First, it explains what a flange is and how they are used. Then it briefly discusses the differences between common types of flanges such as those for natural gas, oil, and diesel fuel.