A Guide To Brass Grip For Guns

If you're a gun owner then you've probably heard of brass grips. They are a type of grip material that is typically found on the end of the barrel and can be used to increase accuracy when firing. 

Though they may seem simple, they can be an important part of gun safety and training. In this article, learn about the different types of grips and how to use them! You can also find a brass grip for your gun at bosscomponents.com.au/collections/cz-shadow-2/products/cz-shadow-2-brass-grips-1.

Brass grips are a type of firearm grip that is made out of brass. Brass is a metal that is usually copper with a small amount of zinc and other metals alloyed into it. Brass is a very soft metal, so it can be easily worked on, which makes it an ideal material for making firearms grips. 

How to Install a Brass Grip For A Gun

If you're looking to add a little bit of pizzazz to your shooting experience, a brass grip might be the way to go. 

Here's how to install one: 

1. Remove the gun's stock and magazine. 

2. Locate the grip screws (two per side) and remove them using a screwdriver. 

3. Carefully pry off the grip panel using your fingers. Be gentle, as the adhesive may be weak and the panel may break if mishandled. 

4. Clean the area where the grip will be installed with rubbing alcohol or acetone-soaked cloths. 

5. Apply a light coating of epoxy to the mounting surface of the grip (or use polyurethane if available). This will help prevent the grip from moving while it's being installed.

6. Position the grip onto the mounting surface and press firmly into place.