Benefits of Investing Raised Access Flooring

With the rapid advancement of high-tech requirements, Modern companies require a lot of flexibility when it comes to the reconfiguration of office spaces. This is why the LF range of floor systems with raised access (formerly known as Lafarge Gypsum) provides the ideal blend of flexibility, durability, and efficient management of cables. Find out more about their advantages.

High-Quality Manufacturing

Lafarge Gypsum flooring systems with raised access are tough, durable, and feature a unique design that is suitable for modern office environments in which flexibility is a vital necessity. They are made up of Gypsum, an element that naturally occurs in nature, which provides additional strength and durability to the final products. They can be used in many different types of flooring such as non-static carpets, which are often used in rooms that have delicate electronic devices.

Unlimited benefits for modern Offices

LF Floor systems with raised access are not combustible and fully conductive, designed to aid in effective cable management. They can allow the best placement and mobility of all types of cables that are connected to power, data, and HVAC units. This is why they are frequently used in general offices and for special applications like servers rooms, network rooms, control rooms computer rooms, and more. They allow airflow and are highly sought-after in rooms that have sensitive electronics. 

Easy and Effective Design

Customers can choose from a variety of kinds of Lafarge Gypsum access flooring systems. This kind of system is suitable for general office spaces and specific applications. In the raised access floor system with screw-down screws boards are attached to pedestals using screws.

Flexible for Reconfiguration as well as Reusability

One benefit to this LF collection of raised access flooring systems is that the panels are interchangeable. Panels can be upgraded without having to alter other parts in the set. This gives you a lot of flexibility while consuming the least amount of effort, time, and also money.