Compare Online Ticket Software Systems

There are many options available to you if you want to sell tickets online for your events. This article will briefly explain the various options to help you make an informed decision about which one is best for you. You can also find online ticketing software from

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You can categorize box office software for ticketing into different groups.

1. Software that is PC-based (offline).

Software that is standalone and installed on an organization’s computer. It is only maintained and operated by the organization. Online booking is not possible. Bookings must be made by an administrator. Tickets will then be issued by the administrator.

Online capability can be offered by some companies as an additional module, either through the company itself or through another company. You should check the integration of the system, and especially if the online customer database is linked directly to the application for PCs.

2. Software that can be used online to sell tickets.

A standalone box office software that is installed on an organization’s computer. It allows patrons to book tickets online. Administrators will be able to accept online bookings.

You may only be able to use the software on one terminal or PC. Other terminals may have additional capabilities (often with extra fees). Online ticket sales may allow patrons to select seats from a seating plan online.

3. Online Internet hosted system.

The box office ticketing company hosts a booking system where each ticket is sold at a cost to the organization. The fee can be either $ per ticket or a percentage of the ticket price. Although the database is managed by the hosting company, the venue operator usually has full access to it. Administrators and ticket resellers will generally be able to sell tickets from any place that has an Internet connection.

These systems offer box-office and internet ticket sales as well as sales through any number of resellers. You can integrate the online booking facility into your organization’s webpage by inserting a few lines of code. Or, a template will also be created to match your venue operator's website. The URL is a unique page on the box-office ticketing company's site that only processes and records bookings. In some systems, the code can be embedded directly into the page of the venue operator's website.

4. Online hosted system.

The system works in a similar way to the one above, except that the venue operator hosts the main database and not the box office ticketing company.

5. Selling tickets online via the Internet

This is a relatively new option that allows the venue operator to set up all details about their event on a nominated website and then establish a link on their Web sites to this URL. The hosting company processes ticket sales and forwards the proceeds to the venue operator, either immediately after or following the event.