Different Types Of Tools Used By Professional Window Cleaners In Tooting

Whether you're selling your house, organizing a party, or just want to enjoy the outdoor view, clean windows will make your home glow. Your windows are the focal point of your home and cleaned windows give your entire home a visual boost.

Cleaning the dirty windows of a small house does not seem like a very difficult task. However, for tall buildings or offices, you will need to hire commercial cleaning professionals.

Professional window cleaners use sturdy ropes and platforms to get the job done. In addition, there are special tools that can be used to clean the windows of tall buildings.

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If you're wondering what types of tools professional window cleaners use, here are a few examples:

1. Squeegee

A squeegee is likely the standard tool used by many professional window cleaning services today. They have steel-plastic assemblies and strong blades that trap any powder compound. Experienced window cleaners move this tool in the windowpane while rotating the blade.

2.Brush with softer bristles

This brush type extracts any free joints from the windowpane. After soaking these brushes in the cleaning solution, a window cleaner will scrub your windows. The softer bristles prevent the glasses from scratching.

3. Glass cleaner

Glass cleaner is another essential tool for cleaning windows. However, it is advisable to purchase cleaners specifically designed for cleaning windows and not all surfaces.