How To make app attractive Like Tiktok?

Edit videos and notifications

By adding fun stickers, filters, and animations, users can make their videos more attractive. Users can also search for the latest tags, likes, and followers in real-time.


In the Settings area, users can change their account photos, change passwords, choose between private or public accounts, change language, access help, and block users.

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Tech and development teams are needed to build apps like TikTok

AI technology is needed to filter and adjust user data. The application uses an AI algorithm to automatically understand and add tags using image and object recognition. This application also requires cloud storage such as Amazon S3 or Google cloud storage. The TikTok app costs depending on the network, operation, and storage you choose.

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• Universal operating system

• Content delivery network

• GWT for better programming performance

• Simple payment methods such as e-wallets or PayPal

• Video and audio transcoding

• Database administration with Datastax

• Databases such as Cassandra, MongoDB, and MailChimp integration

This application can also be developed with Android. You can then use programming languages such as Kotlin and Java. To develop for iOS, you can use Swift or C. If you want to build a hybrid app, you can use technologies like Xamarin and Flutter and respond Native.

• Development team

• iOS and Android developers

• UI / UX designer

• Database architecture

• Quality assurance engineers

• Front and back developer

• Product manager

• TikTok application development costs