Living With A Person With Dementia

Family and Friends Offer Help

All those who are close can help someone go through this. This doesn't have to be done by the closest and dearest. Good neighbours, colleagues, and friends can all help and provide much-needed friendship. 

Carers also need to be able to see non-family members, in addition to the many benefits for the person with dementia. It is important that the person with dementia spends as little time as possible away from their family members, especially early in the disease. 

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Dementia Patients - Why do boredom and loneliness top the list?

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As you become more dependent on care, there will be times when you might need to spend more time together.

To be a friend in these situations, it is important to remain patient, flexible, and attentive.

Try to keep things normal

It is important to maintain a sense of familiarity and normality. However, it can be difficult. They must feel like their life is going as normal as possible, that their thoughts and company are valued and respected.

Remember that dementia can affect a person’s thinking, reasoning, and memory but not their feelings. They may want to share their anxieties and fears with family members and friends in the early stages. In these situations, listening to someone honestly is the most valuable gift you can give.