Lynx Professional Grill Review

The popularity of the Lynx grill is based on its sturdy and professional construction, which makes it not only visually appealing but also durable and highly efficient. The grill comes with unique features that set it apart and add decor to any outdoor kitchen. The variety of sizes also means that any kitchen size is acceptable.

Mid-range Lynx grills are the most popular, perhaps because they're not too small to roast in moderation or too big to look out of place in the average outdoor kitchen. This is the area where the 36-inch grill is most in demand, and its construction guarantees its popularity. Weighing 278 pounds, this grill is equipped with two brass gas burners and an optional ProSear gas burner that together delivers 75,000 BTU. Apart from that, it has a grilling system, ignition system, and backup battery.

Building the Dream Outdoor Kitchen

The grill grille is made of stainless steel and is filled with LED lights on the control panel. Provides a 640 square inch grill area that will entertain many. It is made of silver and will look great in your outdoor kitchen.

Other mid-range grills are the 42-inch and 30-inch grills, which also have the extraordinary properties of a 36-inch grill. For people with less demanding grilling needs, the Lynx professional grill is the 27-inch gas grill. This is the smallest grill available and you can choose between a built-in grill or a stand-alone grill. The only thing you'll miss when you buy this grill is the grill that's built into all other Lynx grills but has all the other basic features that Lynx grills are known for.