Messenger ChatBot Functions and Add-Ons

Facebook's chatbot or IFTTT for short is quite an important tool that allows you to automate processes with the help of pre-programmed interactions. The bot is used for various applications like setting a reminder, searching on a topic, sending text messages to a number of contacts. All these tasks can be carried out automatically with the help of the Messenger Bot and you do not have to do any work at all.

What you have to keep in mind is that your work is not done yet! If you want to put your life on autopilot then you have to make sure that you understand how this system works and you should be able to automate as many things as possible. To get the best results, you have to configure your application according to your needs.

Once you get yourself acquainted with the basic processes, you can proceed to optimize the Bot further. Your first step should be to insert keywords in the chat field in order to activate the IFTTT integration with Messenger Bot. The Bot will then send the message based on the specified keywords and will send it back to the owner of the bot. The messenger chatBot should also be configured to pass the event to the IFTTT integration that can be set as a Recurring Task on the IFTTT homepage.

The "Recurring Task" component requires the content to be pre-defined and can be accessed by clicking on the little 'I' icon on the bottom toolbar of the IFTTT homepage. It is a very powerful component and it is advised to use it for the initial implementation of the Messenger ChatBot.

Once the IFTTT component is activated, you can use the 'recurring' setting for each element that you are interested in. The interaction component is not mandatory but it helps you in dealing with all the input required by the bot.

Live Events – If you set a particular channel for your Bot to receive messages from, the process for running the IFTTT integration can be made very simple. Just set a trigger for the channel and follow the connection to the Facebook Channel. The trigger part is very simple and it is all about entering the details for the bot into the IFTTT event.

Messages and Blogs – The messages that are received from the Bot can be kept for later reference if you wish to make more than one use of the Messenger chatbot. Make sure you do not miss to schedule the automated messages to be delivered on the specified day. By doing so, you are able to produce more useful results and you save time and money on those transactions that do not make sense.

Traffic and Links – There are various instances where you may want to monitor the effectiveness of the bots. You can check out the traffic, the statistics, or the Alexa rank and the Alexa ranking has been shown to be very accurate as the rank is directly related to the performance of the IFTTT integration.

Signup and Logout – When you have a Google Account to sign up, MSN Messenger account, or Twitter account, the Messenger ChatBot can be used for logging out. Once the user logs out, the bot can be used for collecting the session ID and the cookies will be stored in a specific folder. Since the bot receives a lot of messages and does not have the time to read them all, a timeout is implemented to guarantee that the bot does not miss out on any messages.

The Messenger ChatBot can be integrated with MSN Messenger and it can be scheduled for receiving messages from the user. This also enables you to gain a general understanding of the behaviors of the user and how the user interacts with the Bot.

Message History – The bot can be used to collect the message history of the user. All of the events that were logged by the user and the progress of the conversations can be accessed.

Feedback System – The Bot can be configured for comments and reviews and can be used for a better understanding of the Bot. It is also possible to configure the Bot to forward all of the responses to the owner of the bot for marketing purposes.