Opt For Custom Insoles For Heel Pain in Dubai

Insoles are shaped inserts that fit into the shoes of the patient. Shoe orthotics custom insoles or orthopaedic insoles ensure that the 26 bones of the foot efficiently carry the weight of the body. Although insoles are manufactured for men, women, and children, patients prefer customized insoles.

The podiatrists and orthopaedists also suggest custom insoles for effective recovery. Custom insoles are cheap and effective in treating ailments of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, heel pain. You can also order customized insoles in Dubai via lifebalance.ae.

QuickFit Balance Insoles

Orthotic insoles are made from different types of materials like thermoplastics, carbon fibre, elastic, metals, fabric, or a combination of these. Online stores in Dubai have come up with revolutionary custom orthotic insole manufacturing techniques that do not even require the presence of the patient.


The conventional method of going to your shoemaker and getting the right fit can be skipped. You can order your custom orthotic insoles over the web, thereby saving time and fuel costs required for visiting the shop