Providing Help To The Poor And Needy

This world is your home and you have no right to leave it. While you might continue to search for the meaning and reason, you may never find it. It is not clear why the river exists, or why so many birds and other animals live there.

You don't need to be explained. You only need to know how to make your life more beautiful and amazing. You need to look for the right avenues and methods. One of the ways to add meaning to life is to help the poor and needy. 

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Why should you help the poor?

Understanding that you are only a visitor to the world is important. Although you might have millions of dollars and a lot more, one day you will be able to give up all that. You will return to the source, the universe. Everything will remain behind.

You must make sure you live fully before you leave. You can only achieve completeness when you have a stronger relationship with other people. Because of the inequalities, the world can be a very difficult place to live.

Many people don't have enough food. This is something you can't bear as a human. Everyone has the right to eat in this world.

You must feel the pain. Hunger pain can be very distressing and even painful. It is possible to give a small amount of food to someone in need. You can provide food for those in need. It's a fact that you will feel immense joy when you do it. It is easy to spread happiness and smiles by doing it once.

You can help by contacting government agencies around the globe that are working to eradicate this terrible problem. Small changes can make a big difference in the world.

You share responsibility for the world and its people. This responsibility must be taken seriously. Small steps and hard work can make a big difference.