Getting Enrolled In Animal Behaviour Course

Why do animals behave the way they do? In this course, we will look at the full spectrum of behavior in the animal kingdom, from simple escape behavior to complex tool use and evolution.

The study of animal behavior, which as a discipline is less than 100 years old, shows that anatomical and physiological behavior was shaped by evolution, while many behaviors exhibit extraordinary flexibility that allows humans to learn and change throughout life. You can also go for an animal behaviour course online.

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In this way, research into animal behavior not only illuminates an interesting spectrum of behavior in nature but also enhances our understanding of our animal companions and ultimately about ourselves. In this course, we will explore various behaviors and at the same time provide an introductory comprehensive entry into evolutionary thought.

Throughout the course, we will use examples from various animal groups, including foraging in spiders, social behavior in ants, learning in dogs, and tool use in birds and mammals. The key is to learn the difference between innate, natural, and conditioned behavior.

Respecting animals as conscious beings and seeking to understand communication with animals is important in developing the best possible human-animal relationship. You learn to interpret emotional reactions, needs, etc. Great for wildlife workers and rehabilitators, trainers, farmers, vet assistants, zookeepers, and more.