Types of Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is important to have the right type of machine that will fill the particular capsules you make. Most capsule filling machines (known commercially as capsule fillers), or devices that fill capsules with the required powder or liquid, vary in size and production capacity.

The main difference in the types of capsule filling machines is how they work and what is produced. Learn more about each of the factors below, starting with what they produce. You can also look for capsule polisher instrument online.

Capsule filling machines can be divided into two main categories based on whether they can produce:

Hard gel capsules, also known as two-part hard gel capsules because they have an attached body and lid, can be filled with powder, pellets, tablets and / or micro tablets.

Soft gel capsules can be filled with liquid or gelatin. Fish oil is a common soft gel capsule.

Depending on your current technique and requirements, it should be easy to determine what type of capsule your machine will make. Work with your team to find out if your machine needs to fill capsules with powder, pellets, tablets, liquid, gelatin or different types of fillers and choose from a variety of capsule fillers.

Capsule filling machines are divided into three categories depending on how they work:

  • Manual capsules are filled manually.
  • With semi-automatic capsules, the loading ring controls the process. PD8, Elanco and Capsugel are common semi-automatic capsule cartridges.
  • Fully automatic encapsulation device using intermittent or continuous motion.