Ways To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Love Life Through Lingerie

It shouldn't always be lace or sheer lingerie that sets the mood, but it should be something that makes women feel confident. Sometimes white sheer underwear can do the talking because it works really well and makes a woman feel hot and comfortable with herself. 

When a woman feels confident, she feels more open to her husband and this helps to keep the spark alive forever. Here are some tips to help you feel hot in underwear! And we guarantee your partner will be pleasantly surprised! 

1. Underwear

Let the details of your underwear speak for itself. Bras with a front opening or a plunging neckline are some attractive underwear that you can wear to make yourself feel hot and spice things up in the bedroom. The zipper on the front of each padded bra makes this one our favorite!

2. Be hot but gentle

It's nice to be comfortable, but sometimes instead of wearing pajamas with a big t-shirt, wear something attractive but comfortable from time to time while you relax and cool off with a shower. You can wear one of the Intimate Nation print bras with denim and just wear the white shirt over your bra! A white shirt will be transparent enough to see inside your bra!

3. Give it away

How about setting a new trend for couplegoals by letting them wear the same patterned boxer shorts as your underwear?! Now it’s the time to set a new goal! Wear matching underwear and get in the mood for both of you.