Best Uses Of Makeup Cotton Swabs

Nearly everyone has a stash of cotton swabs in their bathroom. Although you might have heard that cotton swabs should not be used to clean your ears they are extremely useful and worth the effort. It's difficult to keep track of all the ways you can use makeup cotton swabs, from your skincare routine to your nails and cosmetics. However, you can also buy reusable cotton swabs via

The Reusable Cotton Swab

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Here are some of the ways to use cotton swabs to help you achieve excellence.

Spot Treatments:

Are you waking up with a pimple that is not attractive? There is no reason to be concerned! Apply a spot treatment to correct any imperfections. Spot medicines usually dry out the skin and cause the skin to break out. Using a cotton swab allows you to be precise with your application and helps prevent skin from being covered up.

Clean Makeup Mistakes:

The cotton swab or micellar water pair can be used to remove any cosmetics that have not been removed. It's not easy to get a flawlessly applied eyeliner line, but it can be very frustrating. You can clean up cosmetics mistakes by simply dipping a cotton swab into the micellar cleansing solution.

Highlight Your Cheekbones:

It's impossible to stop the beauty of having etched cheekbones. A cotton swab is all you need to make your cheekbones look like an ace. For a precise definition, hold the cotton swab from corner to corner along your cheekbones.

Keep Things Clean:

Some of our favorite lip products are in pots, rather than cylinders or sticks. Use q-tips to apply the product without worrying about spreading germs and saving microscopic organisms.