Tips On Deck Cleaning

Although deck cleaning might seem like an easy task, it's not. While it is recommended that you hire professionals to pressure wash your deck. You can hire a deck cleaner professional via

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You should prepare your deck properly before you pressure wash it. A properly prepared surface will make the final result more beautiful and effective.You will need to take off or peel any previous wood sealing in order to prepare your deck. This is not necessary if the deck hasn't been sealed in the last five years.

A simple deep clean would suffice. Sprinkle a few drops water on the deck to test this. You don't have to remove it if it becomes soaked. If it doesn't, you can do some work.

Either clean the deck surface first, then use pressure cleaning to wash it off. Or you can put the detergent and cleanser in the pressure washer before starting your cleaning. Use a high-quality detergent in this case. Your pressure cleaner can be affected by homemade detergents.

Wood surfaces can be easily damaged so it is important to determine the distance to which the nozzle should be held while you pressure clean. You should hold the nozzle about 3-4 feet from any dirty surface before you begin pressure cleaning.

As you become more familiar with the device, you can decrease the distance. You should also keep the pressure moderate to prevent "furring" of the wood.

Although electric pressure washers work well for cleaning houses, cars, garage floors, and outdoor furniture, a gas pressure washer is better for pressure washing decks.