Things to Look For When Choosing Oximeters For Home Use

As with most other products, advancements in technology have greatly affected the production and use of oximeters. In the past, individuals who need to measure oxygen levels in the blood would have to make constant appointments to go to a hospital or doctor's office.

Oximeters testers were big, bulky and expensive, and were only available at medical locations. Times have changed. Technological improvements have made best oximeters testers in-home use a convenient option for individuals who need this critical measurement.

Today, oximeters are much smaller and drastically less expensive. Instead of having to schedule appointments, individuals can now keep track of blood oxygen levels with their own personal oximeter.

The most popular device being used is the finger pulse oximeter. Just slide two fingers into the unit and within a few seconds, you will get an accurate reading of your oxygen saturation levels, as well as heart rate. Another affordable oximeter available is the wrist oximeter with a finger probe.

As the name implies, you simply strap the unit to your wrist and clip on the probe extension to one of your fingers. You then just set the time intervals that you'd like the measurements to be taken at and go about your business.

This oximeter is especially helpful for those suffering from sleep apnea, and who want to measure their oxygen saturation levels while asleep.