Money-Saving Wedding & Event Planning Tips

So you have a wedding or special event coming up. How do I know? Because you wouldn't be reading this otherwise! Everyone wants to have a great wedding, birthday, quinceanera or special occasion and if you can save money doing so, why not? Here are some simple tips on how to organize a great wedding or event and save money!

1. Take Your Time – "Take Your Time" is not only a great country song by Sam Hunt, it's also great advice. The longer your engagement, the longer you will have to save and plan your big day. This also applies to the planning of any event.

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2. Don't have a Saturday night fever – even though Saturday Night Fever was a cult movie from the '70s, don't start! Saturday weddings are the norm and restaurant owners and vendors know it. 

You always pay the "normal" first-class price for a Saturday wedding or event. Book your event on Friday, Sunday, or even weekdays and save!

3. Think off-season – Celebrate a wedding or event in the "low season" and save a lot of money! The wedding season is usually from March to July in central Texas. Autumn weddings are also becoming more and more popular! Getting married in December-February will save a lot of money for your venue and possibly your suppliers!

4. Use optional vendors – Many restaurant owners have written or verbal contracts with vendors and sometimes receive a fee for recommended services for each order the vendor receives from that location. While this is great for them, it's not for you! Why? Just because the seller won't lose that referral fee.