List Of Performance Parts In Australia

If you're looking for performance parts for your VZ Commodore, you'll want to check out the following list. These parts will help your machine run faster and smoother, and they're all affordable too.

1. Performance air filter – A dirty air filter can slow down your VZ Commodore's engine, so it's important to replace it often. A good quality air filter will improve fuel economy and acceleration, while also reducing emissions.

2. Turbocharger upgrade – A turbocharger upgrade can significantly boost the performance of your VZ Commodore performance parts. By adding a turbocharger to your engine, you'll be able to run faster speeds and achieve better fuel economy.

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3. Engine upgrades – Upgrading your engine is another great way to increase the performance of your VZ Commodore. By replacing worn or defective parts with upgraded versions, you'll see a significant increase in horsepower and fuel efficiency.

4. Racing suspension – If you're looking to take your racing to the next level, you'll need a racing suspension system installed on your vehicle. This system will provide improved handling and braking performance, making it easier for you to win races and compete against other drivers.

1. PCM Tuner – If your VZ Commodore needs a tune up, a PCM Tuner is the best option. This device will remove any noise and interference from the computer's audio system, improving performance and sound quality. 

2. Thermal Paste – A good thermal paste will help keep your VZ Commodore running cool and stable. This can prevent system crashes and other issues, as well as improve overall performance. 

3. RAM – If you're experiencing crashes or slowdowns, upgrading to more memory may be the solution. Adding more memory will allow your VZ Commodore to run faster, smoother, and more efficiently. 

4. Graphics Card – If you're experiencing choppy graphics or low frame rates, upgrading to a better graphics card may be the answer. Adding a powerful graphics card will allow your VZ Commodore to handle more tasks simultaneously, resulting in improved performance.