All you Need to Know About Fifth Square by Al Marasem

Egypt is a mystic land that never ends to attract the best people to it. It is home to the oldest civilization on the planet. The magnanimity and the grandeur of the Egyptian culture are exactly what make it a paradise and a perfect place to live in. Having a home in Egypt is like living in a dream. 

Cairo, the capital of Egypt is a hub of civilization and modernization. The town has the best infrastructure in the nation. Historical museums and art galleries decorate this town. The town retains the distinction of being the earliest on the planet. Flash property can help you to have a luxurious home in this marvelous city.

Fifth Square Marasem  

The fifth square by Al Marasem, a development residential unit by Flash property is a perfect destination to have a lavish home in the heart of Cairo. It has everything that you are looking for. It is accessible from all main roads in Cairo, from lavished parks to lagoons. Available units include Villas, Twin, and townhouses as well as fully furnished apartments.

It is a landmark of architectural excellence in the fifth settlement. It is near to all the main attractions in Cairo. It contains amenities like a gym, garden, and pool. It is expertly designed by Al Marasem Developments to achieve new heights in Cairo.

A fifth square is a place where contemporary charm and natural simplicity blend together perfectly. It is planned, designed, and developed to complete the needs of the residents and their comfort and convenience at every doorstep. So, enjoy the fresh air of Cairo with a luxurious home at Fifth square.