Micro-Current Facial Toning Treatment

Micro-current facial toning is a way to tighten your skin and achieve a youthful, wrinkle-free appearance without the need for cosmetic surgery. With almost painless and instant results, it's no wonder everyone wants to try it.

It uses a painless alternating current waveform to stimulate target muscles in the face. By sending these low-intensity microwaves to the facial muscles, it helps to expand them and fill in the facial gaps that look sunken and saggy during the aging process. You can also consult a specialist for micro-current treatment in Downers Grove.

This process also relaxes facial muscles that contract involuntarily. Micro facial tightening can increase elastin and collagen which has started to break down in facial cells. It creates density and tightens facial tissues.

With age, one begins to lose tone in the muscles of the face, as well as throughout the body. Facial skin is so thin that it lacks muscles, which can easily lead to emotional scars and wrinkles. People begin to look emaciated, gloomy, angry, or even sad when their skin falls out due to a lack of muscle tone.

Also, the muscles in the face that get used most often start to contract and the face starts to fall into emotions that you may not be trying to express. There are special areas of the face that have a tendency to show age quicker.

Therefore, using a micro-current facial toning technique is the best.