All About Buying a Barbeque Smoker

There are many different kinds of smokers, as well as numerous ways of producing smoke and heat that need to be taken into consideration. These are some of the types of smokers to use for making barbecue:

1. Smoker offset. This is what is likely to be used by the majority of team members competing in an event for barbecue. When using an offset smoker, a flame is contained within a firebox placed to the side (offset) away from the smoker's chamber. 

The smoke is emitted into the chamber, moves around the meat before exiting the smoker through the chimney. If you want to buy an offset smoker, then you can click on

Offset Smokers

2. Vertical smoker. Several manufacturers make vertical smokers. Vertical smokers have an energy source that is usually situated at the bottom, and a pan of water that sits above the source of heat. There are usually two or three levels of grates, where the meat is put to smoke over the water pan. 

The entire structure is covered by vents in the top, so that smoke can move through. These units are easy and practical to use, and smoke is produced by pouring water-soaked wood chips onto the heating source. These units can be powered with propane, charcoal, or electricity.

Different techniques can be utilized by backyard barbecue chefs to create a delicious barbecue.