How To Choose A Wedding Tent

When planning an outdoor wedding, renting a tent is essential. Tents not only add a personal touch to outdoor wedding decor but also protect you and your guests against adverse weather conditions. You can also search various online websites to hire best gazebo & marquee tents for garden parties in UK.

Tents offer more flexibility than other facilities, allowing you to choose where and how you want your wedding to take place. There are many types of wedding tents.

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These are some of our most popular tents, which you might want to look at before you make a decision.

Party Canopy: It is a lightweight tent that protects from rain and sun. It is simple to set up and very affordable to rent.

Pop-up Canopy: Another lightweight tent made with collapsible fabric. It is easy to set up.

Frame Tent: A tent made of a metal frame with no central poles. It is usually installed by the rental company.

Tension tent: This tent is constructed with high center poles and a steeply sloped roof, giving it a more open feel inside.

Pole Tent: This tent has poles in the middle and around the perimeter. It is ideal for extreme weather conditions. It will be installed by the rental company.

Tent's Color:

While white is the most common color for tents, you can choose from many different combinations depending on your theme and mood. Renting a tent with translucent ceilings is a great option if you desire a romantic night sky lit by stars. 

For private events, sidewalls can be made of solid white or clear vinyl. Cathedral-window walls are for decorative purposes.