What does Neutral Red Assay Kits do?

The neutral red assay is a common method used to detect the viability of a cell or drug cytotoxicity. The main principle of this essay is that it detects viable cells through the intake of the dye colored neutral red. Neutral red is a dye that is used to stains lysosomes present only in viable cells.

Viable cells take the color of the dye, neutral red through transportation and incorporation of the dye actively into their lysosomes present in them but dead cells can not take this color scheme. If you want to buy this assay kit, navigate to this site.

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Consequently, after washing, the viable cells then release the incorporated dye present in them under acidic conditions. The quantity of dye released by cells can be used to determine the total number of cells viable or drug cytotoxicity.

So, in all the neutral red assay gives a quantitative measurement of the number of viable cells. Neutral Red Assay Kit is a simple, accurate, and reproductive kit used to do the same. This kit provides an excellent and efficient method in cytotoxicity studies.

It even is a high-throughput drug screening kit that can detect between 5,000 to 50,000 cells per se. It uses Doxorubicin as a positive control to perform the test. So, with high-quality assay kits, you can measure the number of viable cells present in the given sample.