Roof Repair: Identify Problems Based On The Type Of Roofing

Different roofing problems can appear with wear and depending on the surrounding environment. Sea breeze or pollution in the city can accelerate the deterioration of common materials. Let’s find out how to detect damage to different types of roofs.

The repair of a tiled roof or a terracotta roof is carried out on average every 10 years, except in certain environments such as forests. In the event of foaming, a suitable treatment carried out immediately can stop the proliferation.

In the case of terracotta tiles, signs of wear are easily visible: fragments come off and fall. A roof renovation must then be urgently considered.

The slate roof must be reviewed every two years to change broken or damaged slates and replace those that have moved in the wind. The repair of a slate roof requires to be well equipped to not damage the materials in good condition by walking on it.

The repair of a roof shingle depends on the general condition of the roof. If any part of the roof was exposed to harsh weather or the sun’s UV rays, then you can find discoloring or cracks on the surface of that part, so you will have to replace that part.

The repair of a flat roof, the repair of a zinc roof or roof terrace is often on the seal. It suffices to check the existence of any leaks and observe the appearance of the material: for example, the zinc can show a certain roughness.

The repair of a leak in the roof, like the repair of the roof waterproofing by laying a new gasket or by applying professional sealant is common and occurs quickly.