The Truth About Psychotherapy

The word "psychotherapy" is a broad term for many approaches to psychotherapy of all types and is often used synonymously with other words such as "therapy" or "counseling". It is important to note that only licensed specialists can offer psychotherapy.

In essence, it is a therapeutic process – based on solid scientific theory – that helps people solve past and present challenges. To get more details about psychotherapy in Silicon Valley you may browse neshimahealing.


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Problems that lead to unhealthy habits and patterns cannot be changed until the root causes are identified and addressed. These problems often affect people's health and happiness and prevent them from getting what they want in life.

In other words, people experience events that take them out of their "natural" state and cause them to act in ways they wouldn't before. In this way, they realize that they are struggling in an internal struggle, but rarely have the resources to resolve conflict.

As a result, many suffering men and women naturally seek advice from untrained family members and friends to face their challenges and perhaps even contribute to their major problems.

This is especially problematic because the subject of psychotherapy has been a hot topic of conversation in the media and elsewhere over the last few decades, and even jokes on countless films, TV shows, newspapers, and magazines.