The Difference Between Dumbbell Weights For Women Vs Dumbbell Weights For Men

Dumbbell workouts are one of the best ways to get a toned and fit body. These exercises are a great way to get a cardiovascular workout while toning and shaping your muscles. Many women are intimidated by dumbbells because of their size and stature. However, with the proper instruction, they can easily overcome these feelings and make using dumbbells sets an essential part of their fitness routine. The following are a few tips to help you get started with a new dumbbell workouts routine in your home.

The first thing you should do is decide which set or sets you'll be working with. If you're a beginner, you may want to begin with a simple set of dumbbells that have relatively light weights. Some women start out with sets that have twenty pounds or less. After a few weeks of consistent training you will probably be able to work with fifty pound dumbbells. It's important to keep this in mind so you don't get bored.

Once you have decided on the right dumbbell sets to start with you should consider the amount of weight you plan to lift. For beginners the recommended weight for dumbbells sets is about twenty pounds. A beginner dumbbell set will let you work on your upper body strength as well as providing a good cardiovascular workout. This should be considered a minimum requirement for all dumbbell sets.

Once you have the proper dumbbells sets chosen it's time to choose the exercises that will help you build up those muscles. There are many different exercises you could do with dumbbells. One of the most popular dumbbell exercises for women is the seated biceps curl. This exercise is performed lying down and with the dumbbells held in both hands over the shoulders, the person will curl their arms up until they are above the dumbbells. This exercise can be done with or without a bench. The one difference is with a bench, the person will be keeping their legs in the same position.

Other exercises that are commonly performed with dumbbells are the wide grip and close grip dumbbell presses. The wide grip dumbbell presses allow the person using the dumbbells to take the weight across the chest and bring it back down. The close grip dumbbell presses allow the person using the dumbbells to bring the weight under the chin and bring it back up to the same wide position.

Another common exercise performed with dumbbells is the seated reverse dumbbell press. This exercise requires that the dumbbells are at least two hand's width apart from each other. The dumbbells are taken all the way down to the wrist and then the arms are contracted with the palms facing upwards.

Women can also perform the standing dumbbell presses. This can also be done using a standard dumbbell. The person using the dumbbells will hold the dumbbells high with the palms of the hands facing out. Then the arms are contracted again and the dumbbells are brought up to the point where the palms of the hand are facing inwards. The dumbbells are then lowered to the start position once the arms have returned to the starting position.

Men can perform dumbbell presses by using a barbell that is held against the torso. With this method dumbbells can be kept close to the body to increase the resistance. The person can hold the barbell in a wide position, but once the barbell is lowered to the starting position the elbows should be kept high. For dumbbell curls using a bar, the elbows must be kept high and to the side.