How to Buy the Best Ping Pong Table

Pingpong is a popular indoor sport that is enjoyed by many people. It can be played for both fun and competitive training. The purchase of an indoor table tennis table can be a major investment in your home.

Here are some points you should keep in mind before making this investment:

  • Thickness tabletop

The top of the table is the most important part of the Ping Pong Table. To give the ball a consistent bounce, the tabletop should be at least one inch thick (25mm). 

Beginners and leisure players won't notice the bounce difference so they can choose equipment with a thinner top. You can also buy foldable ping pong tables at

  • Frame support

The undercarriage of the table, which is composed of the legs as well as the chassis, is another important consideration. 

The top should be able to support its heavyweight, which is on average around 80 kg. 

You can check these features to determine the stability of the item:

* The thickness of the legs.

* The number of connections in the chassis.

  • Wheels

Although stationary tables are more stable than rollaway ones, it is better to buy one with wheels if you plan to move it around at home. 

Rollaway ping-pong tables are foldable and can be moved around easily with the wheels. When you are ready to play, wheel locks are used to secure the wheels in place.

You can find rollaway tables with:

* 2 wheels in each half* 4 wheels with central chassis undercarriage.

* 8 wheels, each half having its own set 4 wheels.