Channel to Convey Your Message

There are many communication channels such as Private conversations, phone calls, and others. However, choosing the most appropriate communication channel is not an easy task. 

Different channels are suitable for transmitting different types of messages. You can also choose a top channel for telegram to convey your message to your friends and relatives.

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The following sections describe important factors to consider before sending your message.

The first factor is the message element. You need to know what the elements of the message are. Is it a private message? Is that good news or bad news? If the message is very private, you should choose an individual communication channel, e.g. telephone calls or personal calls.

The second factor is the speed of feedback. How quickly do you want other people to answer you? How quickly do you want to learn important information from others? If speed is critical, you may need to use a phone call or telegram. If you don't need instant feedback, you might be able to use a different email or voicemail.

The third factor is the need to leave a permanent record. If permanent records are important, usually for business purposes, you should get your message across through notes, letters, reports, or suggestions. 

The fourth factor is price. You need to weigh the costs and benefits of using a particular communication channel. The price must be calculated in monetary and time value. 

If group consensus is important for decision-making, you may need to use video conferencing for group meetings instead of using a phone call to contact them. If the audience is large and geographically dispersed, you can also telegram to reduce communication costs.