Guide To Cleaning A Farm Effluent Holding Tank

Cleaning your farm effluent holding tank is an essential process for a well-manicured farm. In many cases, such as when dealing with high concentrations of pesticides or herbicides, it’s best to clean the tank before adding the next load of liquid.

However, there are many ways that you can go about cleaning your tank. When it comes to holding tanks for wastewater on farms, there are many requirements to keep them in a good state of cleanliness.

From the tank’s construction materials and its location to the maintenance schedule, a well-maintained farm tank can provide farmers with a significant amount of productivity.

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Whether you have an effluent holding tank on your farm or in your facility, using a professional to clean it properly is important for the health of all involved. This article has a 10-step guide that includes cleaning, preparation, and disposal.

It breaks down what type of tools you'll need and what kind of coverage is available with each tool. It also explains how to safely clean the tank with just your body weight and minimal water usage.