Using Videos to Drive Targeted Traffic

Video marketing, or the use of video advertising to promote your activities online, is becoming increasingly popular with professional online marketers.

Although everyone hopes to create a viral video that will attract millions of viewers, the reality is that a smaller audience that is attracted to business videos is still more than enough to make video marketing a viable and useful part of your marketing strategy.

The greatest benefit of your online marketing video is that it is available to a large audience via traditional search engines and video sharing sites like YouTube and Viddler. You can also look for visual content for businesses, professional photography, video & headshots in Melbourne.

However, your web video marketing needs to be well planned as thousands of marketers and companies have started using videography as part of their online marketing.

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Make sure your videos are targeted to your niche and research your keywords beforehand to reach as many audiences as possible.

Everything from the filename of your video to the descriptions you write will affect the targeted traffic it generates. So take the time to go through this step and make sure your video scheduling is complete before you start.

After you create a video, make sure to tag it with your URL and describe the video with the same link. There's no point in creating online marketing videos if they're not designed to drive or generate targeted traffic to your website. in your opt-in list.

The idea here is to provide enough content to attract viewers and starve them for more information – information they can get by following your link.

Placing videos on our blogs often helps you rank in traditional search engines, which adds to the value of your video marketing.