What Could A Dependency Lawyer Do For You?

Dependency lawyers can be helpful in cases involving minors who have been neglected or abused. Child Protective Services (CPS), in cases like these, could claim that a minor is being abused, neglected, or abused by their parents. The child will need to live in a foster care home. 

CPS can take the children away from their parents if they follow all procedures and receive an allowance from a judge. CPS officials and judges are not always fair. A Dependency lawyer is the best option. You can also contact largolawfirm.com/ to hire a dependency lawyer in Clearwater.

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What does a Dependency lawyer do? 

An attorney who specializes in child custody or child court decency is called a dependency lawyer. These lawyers can help either one or both parents regain custody.

For a variety of reasons, a child can be made dependent by the court. You could abuse your child or be neglectful to them. Or force emotional harm. CPS could take the child and place them as a dependent. 

What happens in Dependency Court?

CPS would first take the children from their homes. CPS could ask that the children be sent to relatives or foster homes. Or, they could be given half of their visitation and custody rights.

To regain custody, a parent would need to employ a dependency lawyer.