Cities You Must Visit When In Europe

Europe is a continent full of several countries full of countless years of history, culture, and heritage. Each nation has its own stories, architecture, art, and natural beauty waiting to be explored. If you want to know more about the best European tour companies, then visit

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Here's a listing of European cities that you must consider adding to your Europe tour:                                                   


Thought to be the cradle of western culture, has become the middle of greek civilization for more than 4000 years. The city is a combination of old history and architecture combined with a certain edginess to its own culture.  

The town can practically be known as an open-air museum since it's scattered with pieces of history around. The improvements in modern infrastructure make it the ideal mix of old and new which is exciting for everybody.  

If you would like to go to a city full of history, then you need to add Athens to your Europe tour package.  


The capital of Belgium as well as the administrative capital of the European Union, Brussels since the Second World War was a center for international politics. However, it's also another exciting destination to grow your Europe tour.  

The architecture of this city portrays a combination of gothic, baroque, and Louis XIV styles which though appear to clash can create an impressive style in the Grand Palace and other EU institutions.  


Port town situated on the Garonne River in France, Bordeaux is a lively city that shows off the best of French wine and culture. The Bordeaux wine was produced in the city since the 8th century and should not be missed at any price. The city has to be combined with a Europe travel package if you're a wine lover.