How to Take Full Advantage of Your Cookie Cutters Shapes

It is possible that you have lots of different cookie cutters around, which have been built up over the years. It's a great tool , and you shouldn't just use the cutters you have when looking to bake a delicious snack. 

With inexpensive cookie cutters shapes, you can personalise a variety of meals to accommodate the occasion or just to make the process a bit more enjoyable for your kid. Here are a few suggestions and tricks to transform the bakery equipment to be something you'll reach on a regular basis.

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Go savoury – Make use of your cookie cutters to create delicious recipes, as well as sweet ones. smaller cookie cutters like tiny circles, tiny Teddy bears, or even heart-shaped shapes can be used to create delicious shortbread, or even cracker dough. 

Making use of your cookie cutter as a mould – if you own cookie cutters that are non-stick, such as ones made of silicone or metal it can be used for pancakes. The brunch you serve can be made extra festive by placing your cookie cutter on the bottom of the pan before pouring the batter into the desired shape. Be sure your cookies are level, or the batter could leak out from beneath. Try this method also with eggs!

If you're looking for ways to get creative with your cheap cookie cutters,test them out and check out your reaction.