Get 40 Hour Guard Card Training Online to Become a California Security Guard

The security industry is expanding. Private security companies are being hired by private individuals and businesses to guard their properties and prevent crime. Anyone who is licensed and properly trained can easily find work as a security guard.

California requires that one obtain a guard card before they can enter the state. The Bureau of Security and Investigation Services, a division of Consumer Affairs, is responsible for this. 

They are also known as B.S.I.S. and oversee all rules and regulations for officers. They also have an enforcement section to ensure that licensed personnel is complying with the rules.

First, you need a guard card to become an officer. To obtain a guard card; you can get 40-hour guard card training online via

Best 8-Hour Security Guard Card Course Online in California

B.S.I.S. requires that the applicant be at least 18 years old, have passed a criminal background check, and successfully pass a basic competency exam. It is easy to pass the test. 

Officers can get their licenses through many guard companies and training schools. There are many costs. It costs anywhere from one hundred fifty to two hundred dollars for all things. However, it takes some time before you get the license. Once they are licensed, they can begin working.

However, there are few good security jobs. Officers have had to accept lower-paying positions due to the tough economy. There are still opportunities for higher-paying jobs and there are ways to increase your chances of getting better-paying ones. 

Dress well for job interviews. Be polite, respectful, and listen to everyone you meet. Although these tips might seem obvious, many officers fail to follow them. Remember that security guards are often what people first see. This is why it is so important to the company's image.