Selling a Car for Scrap to a Junkyard – What You Should Know

Many people have experienced it: the loss of ownership of an old piece of junk that doesn't seem to go away from their lives. You could have a rusty metal shell that is stuck to your front lawn, a driveway leaking mess, or an extra vehicle taking up space in your garage. Selling a car to scrapyards may be the best option, regardless of the reason. You can find a scrap metal yard near mefor selling a car.

You can work on a price

The first thing you need to do is determine the car's value. You can take it to several junkyards if it is still in good driving condition to get the best deal. If the car is not able to be driven, then contact the junkyards with a description so they can make an assessment of the relative value. Many of them will gladly come to your location to conduct a thorough inspection. 

Dodge Ram Salvage Yards Near Me


Clean up

Make sure you take out any important papers or other items before you prepare the car for sale. To avoid potential legal problems down the line, take the time to review the paperwork. Sellers could be held responsible for incorrect credentials, such as mismatched VIN numbers. Keep copies of these documents. If necessary, you may need to drain the coolant, oil, and gasoline from your vehicle before it is sent to the scrapyard.

Avoid extra costs

To avoid additional delivery costs, confirm with the scrapyard how the vehicle will be handled after the sale agreement has been signed. While most junkyards will pick up your car at no cost, some may charge you a fee depending on the distance.