Increase Your Home Security With Handrails

Handrail is the most essential part of staircases. Safety is the main reason for using handrails along with staircases. Since without a staircase, we cannot imagine a home. Compatible handrail systems are important because they offer security to people. 

The stairs are made up of various materials like iron, steel, aluminum, fiber, wood, etc. Installation of the hand rails system is not too hard but it requires hiring a professional. The first step towards installation of this safety system is the measurement of the place where it has to be installed. 

The place should have proper length, width as well as height. The height of 36 is ideal for installation. If you do not have more space and height, then 32 or 34 inch is also acceptable. During installation of handrails, there are certain things which should be taken care of. 

If there are small children in your home, give priority to safety over the aesthetic aspect of your staircase. The railings should be installed on the whole length of staircases from start to end. The railing can be extended a few inches more from the bottom due to safety. For a home with small children low height staircases are the best suitable option.